Anderson, John
Anderson MD, Kurt
Anseth MD, Scott
Barry MD, Jason
Biewen MD, Paul
Coetzee MD, Chris
Crowe MD, Paul
Dick MD, Jeffrey
Diekmann MD, Paul
Drake MD, Douglas
Ebeling MD, Patrick
Fey MD, David
Gesensway MD, David
Hauck MD, Rolf
Holmberg MD, Peter
Holte MD, David
Johnson MD, Jay
Keller, Jody
Kempcke MD, Desiree
Langer MD, Paul
Larson MD, Chris
Mair MD, Jeffrey
McCarthy MD, Clare
Moen MD, Steven
Meyer MD, Christopher
Neminich MD, Joe
Neminich MD, Michael
Norberg MD, Frank
Olmsted MD, Steven
Powell, Paula
Raih MD, Thomas
Riggi MD, Kayvon
Rudin MD, Guy
Sager MD, Gary
Smith MD, J Patrick
Szalapski MD, Edward
Tuttle MD,Robert
Teynor MD, Joseph
Urban MD, Mark
Vorlicky MD, Loren
Wetter MD, Erick
Wolf, Mary
Edina Crosstown




Your donations make all the difference.

The Twin Cities Orthopedics foundation could not accomplish our yearly goals without the support of people like you.

From former patients to people who just want to make a difference in the lives of people suffering with orthopedic injuries . . . your donation is the single most important factor in continuing our mission to advance musculoskeletal health through orthopedic research, education, training, advocacy and community service.

The Twin Cities Orthopedics Foundation Tax ID # is 83-0435069.

Foundation goals for 2012:

  • Expand our educational offerings for allied health professionals, physicians and patients.

  • Continue research efforts that facilitate new knowledge and practical advances that directly improve orthopedic care.

  • Develop an orthopedic medical mission to provide orthopedic care, education and medical support to third world countries – Peru 2013, Philippines 2014.

  • Build and expand our community events that support and celebrate active lifestyles; Joint Jaunt (August 2012) and Gran Fondo Bike Tour (Fall 2013)

  • Generate corporate support to help build community programs

  • Increase overall charitable giving to help support the causes in which we believe.