About Our Research


TCO physicians, physical therapists, and research team have been actively engaged in clinical research for over 20 years and is dedicated to conducting research and quality improvement studies which provide benefits to our patients and advance clinical practice. We are widely published in the areas of sports medicine, arthroscopy, arthroplasty and patient-reported outcomes.

TCO is committed to furthering our understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedics and sports-related injuries. This is being accomplished through a multidisciplinary approach that includes thought leaders on musculoskeletal research, outcomes, clinical research, basic science, biomechanics, rehabilitation and performance.


Research Studies

TCO has an established track record of enrollment, data capture, and retention of study subjects. Our sites are enrolled in several industry sponsored studies throughout the year, and we are frequently complimented on our quality data and long-term follow-up protocols.

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Research Publications

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Foundation Support 

Foundation contributions allow providers to stay on the forefront of medical innovation & technology

Research and education are core foundations of Twin Cities Orthopedics because we don’t believe “good” is “good enough.” Thanks in part to the TCOF, our providers participated in 83 research studies and published 122 peer-reviewed journals and 17 book chapters in just 2021 alone. Over the last few years, the TCO Annual Research and Education night has continued to grow and expand as we remain determined to stay on the forefront of medical innovation and technology. Presenting to peers and colleagues and facing constructive criticism creates a collaborative culture that encourages innovation. Here are three big takeaways from this year:


Innovative research across the orthopedic spectrum
In addition to patient care responsibilities, many TCO providers also contribute to scholarly research studies and publications. In the past year, our providers researched the following notable topics: CMC/MP Fusion, Total Ankle Replacements, Talonavicular Fusion, Knee Rehabilitation including TRAC testing, Quadricep Muscle Size and Function after ACL Reconstruction, Quadricep Strength Following Meniscal Root Tears, Quadricep Tendon Autograft studies, Myocarditis in Athletes Following COVID-19, Refixation and Debridement of the Acetabular Hip Labrum and Femoroacetabular Impingement Outcomes. In 2022, we look forward to the bio skills lab opening in Eagan, developing our PT residency and MD fellowship programs and continued research trials and clinical testing.


Collaboration amongst orthopedic experts
The TCO Annual Research and Education night provides an opportunity for shared learning and collaboration, as brilliant minds celebrate and constructively criticize one another’s work. Thank you to all who presented this year!
Chris Bailey, DPT, Clare McCarthy, MD, JW Matheson, DPT, Bryan Den Hartog, MD, Jon Schoenecker, DPT, Daniel Liechti, MD, Braidy Solie, DPT, Christopher Larson, MD, J. Chris Coetzee, MD, Ariel Rodriquez, MS, David Olson, MD, Hui Zhang, MD, Robert LaPrade, MD, PhD, Jill Monson, DPT, Phillip Thomas, MD, Nicole Schwery MS, CSCS & Michael Kiely, MS, SCCC, Thomas Comfort, MD